Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Why I love Jeremy Clarkson

Okay, so he's not likely to feature any time soon as the hero of one of my novels, but the Top Gear presenter is definitely one of my all-time favourite celebrities. I love his irreverent, tell-it-like-it-is style and quick humour.

But today he really put a smile on my face. Check out this link to see why.


  1. I agree, I think he's really funny and love the way he doesn't give a stuff what people think! Just as well I like him really as my dh is a Top Gear Addict!

  2. I had NO idea Jeremy Clarkson was so cool. I laughed out loud several times reading his article.

    I also did laugh a couple of weeks ago when he made reference to Gordon Brown (and was made to apologise!).

    Good for him!

  3. Hey Romy! Now that I've finally managed to get myself an identity I can post my comments!

    I adore Jeremy Clarkson and I love watching Top Gear because all three of the guys have that beautiful acerbic English wit!

    Thanks for the good laugh!

  4. I love Jeremy. And Top Gear. So much.
    I cry inside for that show.
    I'm such a girl.