Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Back in business

I'm back home and mostly recovered from last week's film shoot, so now it's back to business. It seems I've been missing some interesting conversations on various blogs and forums that I need to catch up on.

My self-imposed deadlines are all looming so I really need to make a final push to finish the wip. Problem is, I'm bored with it already and want to move on to the next one. First step I think is to go back and re-read all that advice I received a while back on how to fall in love with your story once again.

I know this is not the most exciting blog post ever, so to spice it up, here's the setting of my current scene, courtesy of the website of Adventure Balloons in the UK:


  1. I read some advice once, think it was on eharl and Michelle Willingham. She suggested you write the synopsis of your new idea. So you get a little bit of what you want, then go back and finish your current work.

    I'm not sure if the idea is to annoy you so much by writing a synopsis, you can't wait to get back to your WIP or just a change of scenery.

    Kind of worked in a way for me. I did all the planning on my next WIP and found I couldn't write it. I'm hoping that's because my brain wants to get my 'vineyard' story finished, edited and off to the RNA.

    I'm sure you'll feel better now you've given your babies huge hugs :-)

  2. I think everyone gets sick of their WIP at some point towards the end. Maybe let yourself have a little break from it, like Jo says. I usually find a break helps if I'm feeling stale.

  3. A break is definitely recommended if you're bored. Like the balloons!

  4. OK I'll allow you to write the synopsis - but that is it! After that, straight back to the WIP. Me thinks the lady doth confuse boredom with fear! Just imagine if you finish this you have to submit it!

    My suggestion is you re-read from the beginning and let your passion for the story come back to you - you had it so I'm sure you can find it again!

    Do you hear my whip cracking?