Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Ultimate Gift

Late one night recently I caught a delightful movie that I'd never heard of titled The Ultimate Gift, starring James Garner and Drew Fuller (better known for his role as Trevor Leblanc in Army Wives). Abigail Breslin, currently on screens in My Sister's Keeper, also appears.

The critics apparently panned this movie, but it's had huge success as a DVD and I can see why. It's one of those feel-good movies that also delivers a moral, has a romantic story, and leaves you thinking about your life afterwards. I cried through the entire second half of the movie (though maybe that was also due to the lateness of the hour!)

Jason (Drew Fuller) is a spoilt rich kid who stands to win a huge inheritance - but only if he first completes 12 tasks set for him by his late grandfather (James Garner). Each task is designed to teach him values: the value of money, of friendship, of family.

The movie left me wondering just what values I rate highest, and what I would like to pass on to my children. I think for me, honesty and respect would figure quite high on the list. What values do you rate highest?

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  1. Yep, i like those Romy. Plus loyalty and responsibility are up there for me too.