Monday, January 4, 2010

The Name Game - Part 1

The start of a new year seems like the ideal time to start a fresh story. So it's time to name a new set of characters, and as there are just so many great names out there, I'm once again calling for votes by my blog readers.

Today I'd like to introduce to you my new hero, and tomorrow you'll get to meet the woman who's going to bring him to his knees.

He's a hot-shot divorce lawyer with a reputation as a hard negotiator. He works hard and plays hard, choosing women who know how to have fun without expecting him to get serious or stick around. As scion of a noble Italian dynasty with extensive properties, that's sometimes difficult ... most women see him as their meal ticket to the easy life. However, his experience as a lawyer has only confirmed what he learned young through his parents' bitter divorce: that love turns to hate, destroying everything in its path, and he has no intention of letting either emotion disturb his placid existence. Until he rescues a damsel in distress and a simple holiday romance turns into so much more.

Here are the options. Please cast your votes in the comments section.
A - Angelo
B - Fabrizio
C - Lorenzo
D - Vincenzo


  1. Oooh yummy! My vote goes for C Lorenzo. You could even shorten it to Enzo! Sigh ... Ferrari ... sigh ...

  2. Oh what a delicious challenge. I would go for Lorenzo so that your heroine can tease him and call me Lorrie when he gets infuriated with her.
    Best of luck! Love Nina

  3. I like the idea of his nickname being Enzo, great idea.

  4. Ha, great minds thinking alike Amanda, Nina and Lorraine. I vote for Lorenzo too simply because he's a hero in one of my books (non HP). His name is also shortened to Enzo.


  5. he's HOT. I am voting Angelo, and i'm guessing (hoping) he's anything but angelic!
    Love the sound of the story so far Romy.

  6. Lorenzo, lol too beacuse it shortens to Enzo. The one Enzo I know is a total hunk!

  7. I like Vincenzo or Lorenzo--I guess you can shorten both of them to Enzo?

  8. Bit late in posting but....Lorenzo does it for me. Take care. Caroline x