Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Name Game - Part 2

If you haven't yet voted for the name of my new hero, please visit yesterday's post.
Today is the heroine's turn.

She lives and works in London, and is slowly rediscovering who she is after escaping from a relationship with a controlling ex-boyfriend. She's learning to stand on her own feet and claim back her life. Then she meets the hero during a holiday on a Greek island and with him she finds it easy to be the person she wants to be: the passionate, fun-loving, bubbly person she once was.

But the holiday romance turns complicated when she falls pregnant and she and the hero are thrown together once again. He's no longer the easy-going man she met on holiday. In his home environment, he's cold and distant and just a little too much like her ex-boyfriend.

But this is a love story so of course we know that love will conquer all and there will be a Happy Ever After!

Please vote for your favourite (or the most suitable) of the names below.
A - Melissa (Lissa)
B - Penelope (Penny)
C - Samantha (Sam)
D - Shannon


  1. Oooo I think she looks like a Lissa and I'm loving the storyline Romy!

  2. I think she looks like a Lissa too! My thoughts exactly, Lacey :-)

    Love the sound of the story, the backstory for your heroine will be perfect for sympathy from the reader without her being a winge. Love it!

  3. She definitely looks like a Lissa to me! Take care. Caroline x

  4. Hmmm ... my vote goes to Lissa too. But I do have an opinion on that ... when do I ever not have one? :-)

    If she's Melissa then the ex and her friends should call her Mel. Mel represents the pushover she would have been in the past. Our hero (Enzo??) should be the only one to call her Lissa. It represents the future and it's more sexy!

  5. I'll have to go for Samantha. Always loved it and it's a very versatile name. BTW, I nominated you on my blog for a Kreativ Blogger award. I didn't know what it was at first but it was passed to me and ended up being fun. ENJOY!

  6. Lissa's my first choice too, followed by Samantha. I'm not too hot on Sam though, since I've always found it throws me out of the story when I have to work out whether Sam is the hero or heroine. Hope you're having a great break!

  7. On another note, I saw The Time Traveller's Wife last night. I was bawling by the end. Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana are brilliant together!

  8. I love Rachel McAdams. I reckon she's Lissa. I can almost hear him muttering it to her... Check out the notebook mtv award for best kiss on you tube - hot or what?!