Thursday, April 22, 2010

Word Count Widget

I finally found a working widget to display my word counts. You can access it here: 

The only glitch with this one is that you need to manually change the html code to update your stats. Also to change the colours, you'll need to look up colour codes (which you can find here) and rewrite the html code yourself, but at least Blogger makes that relatively easy. 

I used to use the one at Language is a Virus but it no longer allows me to change colours, and I really don't fancy a bright blue widget on my lovely red blog page. Many of the word counters out there are designed specifically for Nanowrimo and writing a novel in 30 days - which doesn't work the rest of the year. So if anyone out there is good at writing html code, there's an opening here for you to design something special ...

1 comment:

  1. Er, eek! My brain froze at the "write your own code" part! But, before I panic, let me take a slow cautious look. Thanks for sharing Romy!:)