Thursday, May 5, 2011

And back again

A week or so back I blogged at Nocturnal Nights about a struggle I was having with my current 1920s WIP. I'd written a dramatic scene of a re-enactment that takes place in the Italian town of Positano every year, but during my research I stumbled across YouTube footage of the modern day re-enactment and discovered that the reality is nowhere near as dramatic as what I'd written.

So I rewrote the chapter, much more authentic, and adding in a new and rather more personal drama to make up for the lack. Then when I did a Google search yesterday for the YouTube clip (which I'd neglected to bookmark) I stumbled over yet more new information - suggesting my original version was more correct for the period!

Back to the drawing board again. This time to take both scenes to try and merge the best of both into a coherent whole that fits the rest of the manuscript.

[Wails] And I was so close to finally being done with this story!

This scene isn't Positano, but it gives an idea of how the scene will appear in the book (I hope!).


  1. What a fascinating and beautiful picture, Romy!

    LOL - I know how you feel re wailing. It's frustrating to keep reworking a scene. And reworking it. And . . .

    Yes, a good wail is a must!

  2. All this work will be worth it, Romy. And I'm so looking forward to reading it!