Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Another riveting RIVA

Since I've run out of shelf space for my TBR pile, I'm forcing myself to take a little time off writing and catch up on some reading instead.

First up was Nikki Logan's Rapunzel in New York. This made it to the top of the pile for two reasons: I loved her Shipwrecked with Mr Wrong, and the title was just too gorgeous to resist. While Rapunzel was never my favourite fairy tale growing up, it's my daughters' absolute fave. [If you haven't seen Barbie's new twist on the old tale, then you should].

Nikki Logan has put another completely unique spin on the Rapunzel story. This story sucked me in straight away. I loved the characters, and the conflict, though not entirely new, felt fresh. I never once had the feeling "I've read something similar before" (which is becoming Nikki's trademark, I think. No-one would ever call Nikki's books predictable!).

Best of all, the story was jam-packed with emotions - the kind of believable emotions that sweep you along, right up to the final page. And I'll guarantee you'll be smiling when you get to the end.
This book is staying on my keeper shelf.


  1. What a wonderful idea to take time off to read - I think I need to do this too. My TBR pile is getting ridiculous. This book is on my pile too :)

  2. Great review, Romy. I've just decided that I need to get back to reading more often too. Sounds like a fun, funky read - I'll have to check it out! x

  3. Yup, good thinking on the reading front, Romy. It seems forever since I've got myself a new Riva...they don't seem to stock them on the shelves around here, so it's a postal order...Love Nikki's stuff, and this one sounds great!