Monday, February 6, 2012

A doorway to endless possibilities

Following last week's rather heavy (but hopefully inspirational) post on changing your reality, this week we're going to do something fun - it's Endless Possibilities, our inspiration game.

This month's doorway comes courtesy of, a wonderful online source of inspiring photographs.

So what do you think: Where is this door? Where does it lead? And who might open the door if we knock?

There are no right or wrong answers, and no prizes for guessing. Just a lot of fun, and maybe you'll get the spark of an idea for a whole new story.


  1. Shrek? Call me crazy but the door reminded me of the forest where he lives! And I could sure do with some mindless banter! And his accent isn't too bad either! :-)

  2. It does look like something out of a fairytale! For some reason Rapunzel slipped into my head so she's going to be my guess.