Thursday, July 5, 2012

A blog post really not worth reading

I'd planned for today's blog post to be about two fantastic books I read recently. Instead, I'm looking at a blank blog post and I'm so 'boiling mad' (to quote The Sound of Music) that I just can't write anything positive.

I don't normally vent in public; that's what my delightful Minxes are for. But I'm going to now.

Last year I cancelled a family holiday to Cape Town because an Accounts glitch at my company (a delay in sorting out discrepancies on my account) meant I wasn't paid in time to make the trip.

I'm now scheduled to fly to London tomorrow night. The plane ticket is paid for, my visa is paid for, the RNA conference is paid for, my promotional items for the conference have been paid for - but until I receive my fees for the last two film shoots I worked on, I'm so broke I won't be able to pay tube fair to get out of Heathrow or buy a cup of coffee.

Why haven't I been paid yet? You guessed it! Another discrepancy on my account that after more than a week has still not been sorted.

So, do I fly tomorrow night in the hopes that a miracle happens and by the time I land at Heathrow I actually have money in my account?

Or do I play it safe, stay home and work with Accounts to fix the discrepancy on my account - and forfeit everthing I've already spent on this trip?

No, 'boiling mad' just doesn't cut it. But I'm not going to swear on this blog. Promise.


  1. Ugh! That's sooo frustrating. I can totally understand why 'boiling mad' doesn't cut it. I hope you are able to figure something out in time to take your trip.

  2. Thanks so much for the sympathies, ladies. The issue is still not sorted, but my mother insists I absolutely must go and is fronting me some cash. Have I ever said how much I love my mom?

  3. That sucks! So glad you've decided to get 0n the plane,I'm sure the other minxes going to the conference wouldn't have seen you starve. Your mom is a superstar. xx

  4. Romy, so glad you're still coming and will give you a big hug when I see you x