Friday, September 7, 2012

Children who have heroes become heroes

I saw the title of this blog post on an ad for a charity at the side of the road this morning, and it seemed particularly apt considering the blog post I'd prepared for today.

Since I was away on a film shoot in early August, I didn’t get to see much of this year’s Olympics, but I have been lucky enough to see a great deal more of the Paralympics.

It has been both heartbreaking and inspiring to watch. On one hand, I have a constant lump in my throat, and on the other I’m overwhelmed by the humility, joy and determination the Paralympic athletes exhibit.

The most incredible thing for me is the thought that, far more than with the competitors in the regular Olympics, every single one of these Paralympians is a winner. Each and every one of them has a story to tell, and every one of them has overcome the greatest odds to achieve their medals. They are there not just because they have a desire to win, but because they believe their are no limitations on what they can achieve.

Two of my mentors, Bob Mayer and Rhonda Byrne, both talk about the importance of not limiting your beliefs. The Paralympian athletes are the proof of this, and to me they are the true heroes of Olympics 2012.

My greatest hope is that the example they set – that no obstacle is so great that it can’t be surmounted, and that greatness can be achieved no matter what life throws at you – becomes a way of life for the rest of us too.

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