Friday, December 14, 2012

A prequel and naming help needed

Right before I started #Nanowrimo, just as Super Storm Sandy wreaked its havoc on the eastern seaboard of the US, I realised that Once Upon a Time was in fact not the first in a trilogy but the middle story.

With my Nano story now submitted and awaiting feedback, I'm preparing to throw myself into another Nano of my own to write the prequel to OUAT, and I need your help.

Tentatively titled Time Heals, this is the story of Eva (left), step-sister to Katie, the heroine of Once Upon a Time. Eva was a shy, geeky kid in high school (think Gabriella in High School Musical) who has re-made herself into Eva Arroyo, glamorous TV star.

Eva returns from evacuation after a super storm to find her beautiful beach front home destroyed. As she sits amid the devastation that was her life, the hero rides in to her rescue.

He's the boy she adored in high school, the most popular boy in school, the jock (think Troy in High School Musical). He's also the only man she can never ever have - because he's her step-brother.

Accepting his offer to stay with him while she rebuilds is the worst idea ever. But since she's homeless, and their parents have their own problems, she doesn't  have much choice. And of course all that chemistry in forced proximity is going to lead to a whole different kind of storm...

So what help do I need?

This hero needs a name. And perhaps a face. At the moment I'm leaning towards casting Chris Hemsworth in the role. What do you think?

Here's my shortlist of names. All votes will be very gratefully received.
  • Bradley
  • Brandon
  • Cameron (Cam)
  • Cole
  • Joshua
  • Justin
  • Matthew
  • Nathan

Please visit the Minxes blog on Monday when we'll be make a special, ultra big announcement.


  1. I like Cole or Cam but then again I like Nathan too! Do I have to choose just one?

  2. Love the premise of your story. Your heroine looks stunning! I like Cameron or Cam the most.

  3. I like Cam, but also Cole. I don't mind Nathan, but I love Nathaniel shortened to Nate?

    Great storyline plans Romy, it's going to be a good one. :O)

  4. Cameron gets my vote. And your heroine is stunning!

  5. I think he's Cameron too...although you know I have a soft spot for heros with J names...

  6. Cam. Without a doubt. And he looks great. Sounds like a great story, lots of luck with it!

  7. Love the storyline, Romy...And I like Cameron too...

  8. And I am in complete agreement with your casting choice.

  9. Thanks so much, ladies!

    So the votes so far:
    Cameron - 7
    Cole - 4
    Nathan - 3
    Brandon - 1

    So it looks like Cam he will be.