Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Behind the Scenes 2: Who's the Boss?

Who’s the head honcho on a movie?

I’m pretty sure you answered ‘director’ and in most cases you’d be ... wrong.

Because the most important person on any movie is the one with the money. Usually this person gets the title of ‘Executive Producer’ and often they’re not even involved in the actual making of the film.

The director calls the shots on the film set, but behind the scenes the person with the power is whoever arranged the finance, did the initial deals, and hired the crew (and that includes the director).

Once the movie goes into production the deal-maker(s) usually step back and leave the real work to the director and a team of producers, but the deal-maker will still have the final say in all the big decisions. Because we all know that he who has the money rules the world.

Unless you're Martin Scorsese, Ridley Scott or Peter Jackson. Because then no matter who the deal-maker is, they're lucky to have you and have to do whatever you say!

Next week we'll look at the Call Sheet, those bits of paper that hold an entire film unit together.

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