Tuesday, July 30, 2013

You rock!

Film-making might seem glamorous to outsiders, but you wouldn't believe how much abuse we film-makers take. To most people we're an unwelcome intrusion rather than an exotic novelty. Our trucks are big and noisy, we have lots of cables and clutter, and we start work at ungodly hours of the day  (and often shoot until ungodly hours of the night).

A lot of my day job is spent dealing with angry residents and local business owners, fending off rude traffic officers (even when we have permits and a right to be where we are) and grumpy crew who are just trying to do their jobs in often challenging circumstances.

So when I come online and see the overwhelming support that writers give each other, it restores my faith in humankind. The generosity, support and friendliness I find among my fellow writers is inspiring.

I want to thank every romance writer I know, and especially my fellow Harper Impulse authors and my Minxy sisters. You rock and I love you all!

Thank you.

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