Friday, February 20, 2015

Not a Fairy Tale's magical place

Readers of my books will know that setting plays an integral part in all my stories, whether it's castles or snowscapes or a Caribbean beach bar.

Not a Fairy Tale is another summery, beach-filled story, but this time the setting is California - fewer coconuts and cocktails, and way more surfboards than The Trouble with Mojitos.

Among the beaches featured in Not a Fairy Tale, the most magical is Point Dume, one of California's most pristine beaches, and in spite of its proximity to Los Angeles not usually crowded with people - a perfect place to get away from the rat race. This is the place Dominic Kelly helps beleaguered actress Nina Alexander escape to after her embarrassing Oscar night, and it features in a few other scenes too.


Would you want to walk these stairs in three inch heels (and what's left of a couture ball gown)? Nina does...


For more glimpses into the magical places (and pretty people) that inspired Not a Fairy tale, you can check out my board on Pinterest:

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