Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Format Oscars

The absolutely best thing about the New Look Oscar ceremony has to be Hugh Jackman. A whole evening spent with a gorgeous man in a tuxedo is hard to beat.

My feelings on the new design are somewhat indifferent, but three things did stand out for me:
  • In recent years it seemed as though the show had become nothing more than a parade of celebrities, so dropping the number of presenters has, in my opinion, made the show much easier to follow and put the emphasis back where it belongs: on the award nominees.
  • The 'In Memoriam' section was unwatchable. With the camera constantly moving, and many of the names illegible, it seemed almost disrespectful to those being honoured. (I was saddened to hear that Roy Scheider had died during the last year. I'd somehow missed that news.)
  • The final montage for each of the films nominated for Best Picture was certainly creative, with related clips from other movies mixed in with footage from the nominated film, but I hope this was a once-off because I believe the emphasis should be on this year's nominees, not every movie that has ever gone before.
My heartfelt congratulations to all those who worked on "Slumdog Millionaire". I love it when movies made outside the Hollywood juggernaut get the recognition they deserve.

So what did you all think about the Oscars' new look?


  1. Have to admit I didn't watch the whole thing, sorry. But I did catch a glimpse of the wonderful dresses - we need glamour in this economic climate. And the two children with the Slumdog Millionaire party were just too cute to be true.

  2. Romy, just wanted to pop over and say 'Hi'

    I didn't realise you had a blog. I'm afraid I only saw the Oscar highlights on the news. Having been in Cannes recently though I'm planning to follow the film festival footage so I can say 'I stood on that red carpet' (I'm so mature! ;-)