Monday, February 23, 2009

Oscar Night

In the early hours of this morning (SA time) the Oscar awards were held.
I have a ritual on Oscar day: I avoid all news broadcasts and cover my ears if anyone dares discuss the winners around me. Tonight I'll cuddle up in bed, hopefully with some chocolate and red wine, and watch the entire ceremony. I'll laugh, I'll cry (the In Memoriam bit always gets to me) and I'll finally go to sleep feeling inspired once more.

I have to admit that my passion for all things movies has waned over the years as my interests and my priorities have changed. But as a shy teenager, with dreams of being on stage, I composed the acceptance speech I would one day make on the stage at the Academy Awards. There's not much chance I'll ever get to make that speech (and I'm perfectly happy with that, as my dreams have changed a great deal since then) but now that I have my own little platform on this blog, I've decided to share this bit of genius with the world anyway.

"As a child I used to watch this award ceremony on TV and dream I'd one day be standing here. I'm here tonight to tell every young person watching out there that you can do it! Follow your dreams. Don't let anyone tell you it's too difficult. Don't give up. You're the only one who can make your dreams come true and you start by believing in yourself."
Then I'd go on to thank my parents for believing in me and encouraging me before making a gracious exit. No long rambling speech and definitely no tears.

Whew! Now I'm feeling inspired. I'd better take advantage and get working on Chapter Ten.


  1. Hi Romy! I finally have a working phone line again so I catching up on my mail. Left your link for your blog to visit.

    I am TOTALLY like you! In fact, movies (and consequently the Oscars) are such a big deal that I have a yearly "Oscar Party", attended by, ahem, a FEW of my closest friends. We fill in ballots and the one that guesses the most correct awards wins a prize. It is a crazy night all in all and ends in little sleep. But we also do the Monday-night thing, so everyone attending is always under strict orders not to go online to find all the winners before-hand. That will just take the fun out of it.

    So enjoy and remember we'll be in Pretoria doing the same.

    Liesel (aka FictionJunky)

  2. Liesel - Have a blast, and I hope you pick all the right winners!

  3. Saw your comment on Lorraine Wilson's blog and thought I'd drop by to say 'hi'.

    Good luck with Chapter 10.