Friday, July 31, 2009

Dating the Rebel Tycoon

This is Ally Blake's July novel, published by Mills & Boon Romance. I seldom review books publicly, but this novel was just so awesome I have to share it with the world.

The reason I love the Romance line is that I tend to be more heroine-centred than hero-centred. I also have a strong preference for heroines who are feisty, mature and confident. I like the idea of heroines who've lived a little, such as Nina Harrington's heroine in Always the Bridesmaid, also this month from M&B. Ally Blake's heroine, Rosalind Harper, has her flaws. Like all of us she has doubts and insecurities, but she is also well educated, has a kick-ass profession (she's an astro-physicist!), is well-travelled, and best of all, she's sassy.

Of course I love a good hero, too. I understand their importance in a romance novel. But I'm going to confess: I don't often fall in love with them. I like them, I can see their attractions, but if I met most of them in real life I doubt I'd swoon over them. Cal is swoon-worthy. Here is a hero who can make my heart beat faster and fuel my fantasies. He's a true Alpha male - dominant, assertive, confident, but with none of the swagger or arrogance of a Modern hero. He's flawed too, but remains kind and warm throughout.

If I haven't already sold you on this novel, then maybe this will: this novel is a guaranteed feel-good read, written in a fun and flirty style. The snappy dialogue between the characters put a smile on my face, but the style is still more than that ... Ally Blake brings a lightness to this story that is reminiscent of chick lit while at the same time having all the emotional punch that the Romance line promises.

If I can some day produce a novel as vibrant, rich and un-put-downable as this one, I'll be happy.


  1. Your doing pretty well already, Romy! Interesting people's preferences. I'm a hero girl and always have been. Which is possibly the reason my heroines are always so problematic for me!

  2. I love the romance line too! Actually I love a lot of the lines but you have to write to your strengths. Ahh if only there were three of me. I'd never connected Romance as being heroine oriented, thanks for the insight.

  3. I haven't read this one yet but think I need to get it and put it in my holiday tbr pile. I do love Ally Blake, too, it has to be said.

  4. I too love the romance line Romy (though it took me a while to work out that's the bed my slippers lie next to ggg). Anyway great post and I must read Ally's book. Loved Nina's to bits. Such great books coming out right now.
    Good luck with your sub! It'll be great!
    judy x