Saturday, February 6, 2010

Missing In Action

I'll be away from home and from the internet for the next two weeks as I'll be travelling to Mozambique, then Durban and then the Drakensberg for a film shoot for our local airline, South African Airways. I've never been to Mozambique so I really should be a lot more excited than I am, but sadly I'm too tired right now to work up any enthusiasm.

This commercial is the biggest I've ever worked on and we've already been working 12-15 hour shifts these least two weeks. Twice I've only arrived home at midnight. The obvious sacrifice has been time with my children and I'm feeling quite heartbroken that I will be completely absent from their lives for two whole weeks. The second biggest sacrifice has been my writing. I haven't written a single word in weeks (unless work emails count!). Amazing how my energy and happiness levels drop when I don't get time to write. I definitely smile more if I start the day with 1,000 words!

As and when I get access to the internet I'll check in on all my Blogland friends, but if you don't hear from me, please don't take it amiss. I'll be missing all of you far more than you'll be missing me.

Oh, and Happy Valentine's everyone. If ever there was an excuse to curl up in bed with a romance novel, a glass (or bottle?) of red wine and some dark chocolate, next Sunday will be it! (And if you have a handy man around, make sure you get a good back massage thrown in too).


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  2. Have a super trip and who knows, you might just find a spare half an hour to get some writing done. Sometimes being without the internet is a great time to get some writing done.

  3. Have a good trip, Romy. I know you always say your job isn't glam, but is sounds so good to me. Well, apart from the 14 hour shifts of course.

  4. Yeah, I get antsy and grumpy when I don't write. It's frustrating when the day job gets in the way. Have a successful trip!