Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy Spring Day!

 Here in South Africa it is officially the first day of spring. Though our seasonal rains have yet to start and the ground is still parched, the air has warmed up sufficiently for buds to be appearing everywhere. Summer is my season, but who can deny the attraction of spring? All those flowers and the green fuzz on the trees - and finally shedding all those layers of winter clothes!

I cannot believe it's only five weeks since I got back from my amazing trip to England. So much has happened that my life has quite literally been turned inside out. I won't bore you with the details, but there have been funerals, home changes, job changes, and the day job has carried on pretty much as it has all year ... manic. (Next week I'll be doing my fourth film shoot since I got back!)

My alter ego, Rae Summers, has completed her August blog tour, the winners have been announced, and I would like to thank everyone who voted for the Let's Misbehave trailer at You Gotta Read Videos. You put me in third place so my book trailer got another posting!

An Innocent Abroad, my next 1920s novella, is now completed and has been sent to the RNA's New Writers' Scheme (just in the nick of time), and I've now started on an entry for the New Voices contest. But best of all, I'm feeling ready to face whatever life is going to throw at me next. I'm embracing the changes and saying "bring it on!" to the universe. That must be the spirit of spring in the air!

So what is your favourite season, and why?


  1. Hey Romy, hope the roller coaster slows down a bit for you to enjoy spring! My favourite season has to be summer since very other season in England is a bit too brrrrrrrr for me :)

  2. Hi Romy, my favourite is definitely Spring because our winters in England seem to last so long I am dying for a bit of sun and the first flowers after all the dark and rain and cold.

  3. Congrats on your placing Romy. I'm so glad your trailer got another showing. I'm looking forward to reading your NV entry. What line are you targeting?

  4. I'm a summer girl too Romy. But here in the states, our summer is winding down and I'm already missing the hot lazy days. October is just around the corner and cooler weather is ahead. It makes me sad. But maybe without the beautiful weather, beach and pool to distract me, I can get some much needed writing done and maybe read a bit more. Adding Let's Misbehave to my "list."

  5. Aaaashuuuuu. Nope my fave season is definitely not spring! It's late summer early autumn. Does that mean I have two favourites? Oh well ...

    Hope life continues to be exciting for you Romy - only this time I hope you get surprised with lots of good surprises!

  6. It's very definitley autumn here in sunny Scotland - the leaves are turning brown, the wind's picking up and there's a very definite chill in the air.

    Enjoy your spring.


  7. Happy Spring Day to you! I love June - it's my favourite month ever. Like Suzanne says, it's getting chilly here now!