Monday, November 1, 2010

More Days Like These

The sun is shining, the work load is light, I wrote 1,250 words before the kids even woke up this morning, and they didn't fight all the way to school. Then I was taken out for lunch by an attractive young man (my little brother, but he still counts!). What more could a girl want?
Just one thing: another 1,000 words before bedtime.


Because it's NaNoWriMo!

Here's a little something for all you writers out there who started the month of madness today. I suspect we'll all be needing it soon enough.


  1. Good luck Romy! Hope to hear about your wonderful story x

  2. Yay on the morning words, Romy! Hope you get a chance to add to them tonight. I had a busy day and managed a paltry 158 :-( Hoping to get more down tonight.

  3. Ah, Romy. Love it! I'm 1774 down at the end of day one, with a story that's just appeared out of the ether, and I'm loving it.
    Expecting not every day to be so good, but enjoying today too!

  4. Wow congrats on that 1,250 words BEFORE the kids woke up and then another 1,000. You're officially a super NaNowriter. What a great sounding day!