Tuesday, November 16, 2010

NaNo Day 15

That's better! Just over 1,400 words before breakfast (and a long day in the office) and I cracked 2,158 words by midnight. Which makes my half way total 19,955, so I'm only 5,045 words behind.
Now if I can just keep this up for another two weeks ...

Thanks so much to everyone who has left comments: to Lacey, Susan (yay on those revisions!), Rachel, Joanne, Elissa, Amy and Wendy (especially for the reminder that my deadline is self-imposed and not as scary as yours!) - and anyone else I may have neglected. Your support and encouragement is very much appreciated.


  1. Romy, I am in awe!

    You are probably the most productive person I know - you have so much going on and you keep on top of things brilliantly.

    Good Luck with the rest of Nano!

  2. Go, Romy! You are doing brilliantly, especially with all the other stuff going on right now. I agree with Jo P, you're a true inspiration.