Wednesday, November 17, 2010

NaNo Day 16 and Royal Weddings

I'll admit it, I'm a royalist at heart. Other writers have fond memories of reading their grandmothers' Harlequin romance novels. I have fond memories of reading my Omi's German magazines.

Judging from those magazines, the Germans love royalty. I grew up on stories about the princes and princesses of Denmark, Sweden and Spain, and of course their far more famous British counterparts. My pocket money was spent on Royalty and Majesty magazines, which were only available in a couple of specialist shops in Durban in those long distant days before the internet and Amazon. (I still have all those magazines too, though I stopped collecting them at about the same time my parents stopped giving me pocket money!)

So in spite of all their bad press over the last decade or so, and the realisation that royals have feet of clay like the rest of us, news of a royal wedding is enough to put a smile on my face. We've had a few over the last few years, each and every one a fairy tale come true, but the news yesterday that Wills and Kate will be tying the knot really touched me. Because it gave me a reason to smile after a few really difficult days.

The romance writer in me, the eternal optimist who hopes that every single person out there will find their Happy Ever After, hopes that this couple will be blessed with an abundance of joy and a very long and happy marriage. I'll even go so far as to hope they get a little privacy too.

On the NaNo front, I wrote 1,796 words on 16th.

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