Wednesday, November 3, 2010

NaNo Day 3 and Hero

How are you all doing? Still feeling motivated or are your characters already developing minds of their own and frustrating you? And what are you doing blog surfing here when you should be writing?!

It's tax return season so instead of working on those word counts, I've been buried knee deep in boring financial-type papers - but at least the few words that I've put down feel like they're working now.

For all those non-NaNoers out there, I'd like to introduce you to Hero. She's named for the heroine in Much Ado About Nothing, and she came into our lives last week when one of the moms at the kindergarten my children attend found her wandering lost at the side of the road. As her husband is allergic, I kindly offered a home to this little ball of fluff. The vet assures me she's a girl (and in supremely good health) but I deliberately chose a name that could go either way so we don't have the same re-naming issue we had last time around.

My favourite line in The Sound of Music has always been "Wherever God closes a door, he opens a window". Hero reminds me of these words every time I look at her. Luke is not forgotten, but we are so grateful we now have Hero to love.

PS: Her eyes really are equal size. She just looks odd here because we were trying to hold her still long enough to photograph her!


  1. Yay on the words, boo on the boring tax returns and congrats on your new baby :-)

    Hero is adorable, really very pretty.

  2. Not the 'T' word!

    Isn't Hero gorgeous? You just want to cuddle her don't you? I see her getting spoilt by complete strangers in the future ;)

    Congrats on those words!

  3. Ah, so cute! We rescued a kitten 2 years ago that looks alot like your hero. Animals have a way of brightening every day. Enjoy!

    And congrats on the words!