Wednesday, November 10, 2010

NaNo Day 9

Only just a third of the way into Nano and I'm flagging. Yesterday I managed only 1200 words (on the dot!)

I'm exhausted and it's taking me three times longer than it should to make my daily word counts. So I'm voting today a holiday. A glass of wine and a full night's sleep tonight and maybe tomorrow I can make a little headway into the ever-increasing back log.

How are the rest of you coping? Are you achieving your Nano word counts and still getting enough sleep? Or are you just working at your normal pace and laughing at us Nano-ers?


  1. Hey Romy. Good for you for taking a day off! We all have to feed the soul now and again.

    As for me, some days I reach my goals and some days I don't. Decided early on to totally ignore where I "should" be and just keep going. Any forward progress is better than no forward progess. Hope you enjoyed the day!!


  2. I'm not doing NaNo...but I am not laughing at Nano-ers either. It's hard be commended. Just not for me. Still trying to find what each day my deadline draws closer! Gook luck!