Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Reading

This wasn't on my Christmas reading list, since I already have a teetering pile of books to read and this was the newest addition to the pile. But I'm so glad I did. This book was an even better way to spend an evening than a feast of red wine and dark chocolate!

India Grey's newest book, Her Last Night of Innocence, was an incredible read, packed full of intense emotions and believable characters. The story is set against the backdrop of F1 motor racing, of which I'm a huge fan, and I loved the way in which India handled the motor racing scenes.

There are far better book reviews out there, but a few of the things I loved ...

* * * Spoiler Alert * * *

Apart from being an excellent read, there were moments when I had to laugh out loud at India Grey's cleverness. Like the line where she uses words typical of purple prose but in a completely unique combination:
"Cristiano’s eyelids flickered for a second as beneath the water she took hold of his throbbing erection and held it for a quivering moment ..."

And then there's the delightful moment when a minor character, Nurse Parks, is reading a romance novel while on duty: “She’d just reached a really good bit, where the heroine had vowed she’d rather die than let the gorgeous Italian hero know about the child she was carrying. That was all very well in books …” then the gorgeous Italian hero walks into the ward to claim his secret love child!

Finally, and I'm note sure whether this was accidental or intentional, but all the book's character have the surnames of known racing drivers: Maresca (US driver Mario Maresca), Edwards (US driver  John Edwards), Hill (Graham & Damon Hill), Fournier (Henri Fournier, early 1900s), Watson (former Irish racer John Watson) and Parks (1960s Paul Parks, drag racer Wally Parks & 60s Ferrari driver Michael Parkes).

I had only one gripe with this book. Much though I love the new M&B covers, this is one book where the designers got it very, very wrong. The only evening gown the heroine wears in this novel is blue, not gold. She's blonde, not brunette. And apart from a couple of scenes set in Monaco, this book has nothing to do with gambling or card games - unless you count the hero gambling with his life on the race track.

But don't let the cover stop you. You owe it to yourself to read this book.


  1. Hi Romy,
    book sounds great. My pet hate is when the cover art looks nothing like the story, particularly the characters, but it seems to happen quite often with mills and boon. Doesn't spoil the story though! Merry Christmas

  2. It sounds fantastic Romy! My TBR pile is going to topple over and kill me one day ;)

  3. Totally agree, this is an absolutely fabulous read. I polished it off in record quick time. The hero was so delicious I soon forgot he shares the same name as my most hated footballer!!