Monday, September 19, 2011

Progress Update

Isn't it bizarre how the words flow some days and on others it's like sweating blood? In August, I averaged more than 1,000 words a day. That's because I was writing about 1,000 words an hour.

In September, having signed up to do 30k in 30 days, I'm managing about 250 words an hour. It doesn't take a mathematician to work out it's taking me a whole lot more hours to get new words down. Sometimes hours I don't have.

So with a sigh, I have to admit that my total for Days 8 - 18 is a whopping low 6,066. Falling ever behind, but hopeful that this week will be the week I start to move forward again.


  1. I think 6,066 is still a great word count. Lots of luck for the coming week, Romy!

  2. I think you are doing awesomely too Romy! And your chap on NV is one of my faves :) Well done! And Good LUCK!