Thursday, September 1, 2011

Spring Energy

It's Spring Day in the southern hemisphere and I can definitely feel a bright, new energy sweeping through. Here in Johannesburg the sun is shining, the buds are blossoming, and it's divinely warm.

Today has also been designated Spring-bok day. The lousy pun is in honour of our national rugby team, the Boks, who are being given a great big send-off today as they head to the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand. May they do as well in this world cup as they did in the last.

In honour of this new energy, I've signed up to do Rachael Johns' September Challenge. The aim is to write 1,000 words a day to achieve a total of 30,000 words by the end of the month. It's very do-able without intruding too much onto regular life, and since it's what I've been managing the last couple of weeks, I'm hoping this challenge keeps my momentum going and sweeps me through to the end of When September Ends.

Spring is when the famous Namaqualand daisies make their appearance in the usually arid Karoo area of South Africa. This stunning image comes courtesy of the blog Namaqualand Spring Flowers. Visit their site for more stunning pictures.


  1. So happy to have you in the challenge. And I love the title of your new story :)

  2. That field of flowers looks glorious. If it's spring day there, means it's the start of autumn here (:

  3. It's the start of spring over there and the start of autumn over here. It's a good time to get back into writing.