Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Elephant Whisperer

Thanks to the book club I joined late last year, I've started reading books outside my comfort zone (ie. Romance). One of these is The Elephant Whisperer, second book by South African game ranger and animal conservation expert Lawrence Anthony.

You don't have to love animals or be into nature conservation to enjoy this novel. Elephants are amazing creatures, and we can learn a lot from them - and some of Anthony's observations about their uncanny abilities brought me chills. The book is filled with drama and high adventure, including encounters with poachers and wild animals. Best of all for me, it's a 100% accurate insider view of life in the African bush. Africa comes alive in this book!

The author is also fascinating in that he not only saved a herd of traumatised elephants from being culled and successfully integrated them into his game reserve Thula Thula (the story of The Elephant Whisperer) but he was the man who saved the Bagdad Zoo during the invasion of Iraq in 2003. He immortalised that adventure in his first book, Babylon's Ark, co-written with author Graham Spence.

Sadly, Lawrence Anthony died recently, shortly before the release of his third book, The Last Rhinos, which is now filling the stands in the front of every bookstore in South Africa.

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Babylon's Ark: Amazon and Amazon UK
The Elephant Whisperer: Amazon and Amazon UK
The Last Rhinos: Amazon and Amazon UK

And just in case you think elephants are cute and cuddly, try this for size. This picture was taken in Kenya and sent to me recently by friends. is a picture sent to me recently. (PS: Thanks to Gav & Nic's friend Tracy for this!)

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