Thursday, May 24, 2012


I'll admit that these days new movies tend to come and go without even registering on my radar. The up side of this is that when I'm sitting in front of the TV, and it's nearly midnight and I really should be heading off to get some sleep, and a movie starts that I've never heard of, I have absolutely no preconceptions.

That's what happened this past weekend, and the movie in question was Hereafter, directed by Clint Eastwood (who really is an example of the finer things in life getting better with age!)

The movie opens with the Boxing Day Tsunami, and at first I thought it was a foreign film as the dialogue was all in French with sub-titles. As interesting as the opening was, I began to pack up my laptop to head to bed. And then Matt Damon popped up on screen.
What was he doing in a French film?

I'm glad I stopped to ask the question, because by the time I realised this wasn't just another made-for-TV disaster movie, nor a foreign film, I was hooked.

There are three story strands, each featuring a central character (a blue-collar worker with psychic abilities, a French journalist, and a London schoolboy) and the three strands only weave together at the very end. All three characters have been closely affected by death, and the film is an examination of what happens on the other side of death - in the Hereafter.

The film's resolution is predictable, and Hereafter probably won't change the way you see the world, or your beliefs about death and life, in the way that Inception did, but it is well worth watching. This film is a fine example of a story that draws you in, makes you care about the characters, and I'll admit there were scenes where I just couldn't stop crying. In a good tear-jerker way.

Have you seen this film? Let me know what you thought.


  1. It sounds like a really interesting film, Romy. And I hadn't heard of it before, but I really like Clint Eastwood's films, he seems to have a knack of producing stuff that makes me think. Will track it down!

  2. I started watching it several months ago (I was looking out for it because part of it was filmed outside my workplace!) but I didn't get round to finishing it. Will let you know what I think once I do :)