Thursday, May 31, 2012

May Mash-up

A few interesting bits and pieces I've stumbled across this month:

Just a short while ago Bob Mayer blogged a link to this article on the history of Amazon. It's lengthy, but insightful. It also makes the failed Borders into the real meanie, much like this post from Holt Uncensored.

Dani Collins, the newest signing to Mills & Boon, wrote this delightful post on the iHeart Presents blog which is worth a read.

For a reality check, YA author Cristin Terrill has put together this eye-opening post on the reality of the six figure-deal, and self-publishing guru JA Konrath posted his take on facts and figures.

Thanks to Suzanne Minx for this link which made me laugh and cry:

And thanks to fellow ROSA-lite Joss Wood (also a newly signed Riva author!) for this delightful cartoon:

Farewell May!