Monday, June 11, 2012

My birthday treat for you

It's my birthday month, and also the month of birth for Dear Julia so I have a special treat for you: this month you're going to get a Birthday Bumper Bonus and we're going to play two Endless Possibilities games.

The next few Endless Possibilities pictures are all from the area of Somerset where this Rae Summers novella is set. And this month there will also be a prize: the most imaginative commenter on today's blog post will win a copy of Dear Julia.

Today's image is taken from the blog 60 Going on 16 and was taken in the village of Stogumber where Dear Julia is set.


  1. Kate's feet caught on a tuft of grass, causing her body to jerk forward. Her hand reached for the wall to steady herself and she sank further in. There was a doorway in the wall! She rubbed it with her hand - particles of wood came off on her palm. It didn't have a doorknob and she would have to stoop to fit inside. Creepers were growing up it so it hadn't been used for years. How come she'd never seen it before? Could it really be the home of the strange man she'd seen in her dreams?

  2. Congratulations, Kathleen - you've won! And not just because you're the only one who left a comment, but because I love your detailed answer.