Monday, June 25, 2012

Stogumber Part Two - and another prize

In honour of this month's release of Dear Julia, today's picture is of a house in the village of Lower Vellow in Somerset which features briefly in the book. The picture is from the website of Rightmove Estate Agents. The house fascinates me because it's neither modern nor old, and it seems lost in the wilderness.

What kind of characters would choose to live here, and why? What do they do for a living? Let your imagination run free.

The commenter who fires my imagination wins a copy of Dear Julia.

1 comment:

  1. An agoraphobic author who does everything through the Net.

    A burned soldier retreating to live the rest of his life in peace after PTSD diagnosis.

    A mother on the run hiding her child from her psycho ex-husband.

    A woman on the run from the mob.

    Vampires hiding in the contemporary world.

    I know, I'm quite cliche, but that's what I'm thinking when I see this. :)