Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Girl Less Ordinary

What with my trip to England and the RNA conference, I didn't blog about this book when I actually read it, so it's probably off most bookstore shelves now. However if you haven't yet read Leah Ashton's A Girl Less Ordinary, it's still available to order through Amazon.

This book was so good it caused me a crisis of confidence. It's the book I'd love to have written, and wonder if I ever will. It's sparkling fun, emotional, tear-jerking, and made me laugh too. Jake Donner is a gorgeous hero that I definitely fell in love with, and the heroine, Ella .... well, she could quite possibly be the best thing about this book.

A Girl Less Ordinary is set in Melbourne, and it's a reunion story. Eleanor has completely transformed herself into Ella, chic party girl, trendsetter and all around sassy lady. There is only one person in the city who remembers her as she was, and he's not entirely sure which Ella he loves more, the old or the new.

The absolute best thing about this book, in my opinion, is the conflict. It's everything we writers have ever been taught about what good conflict should be: the hero and heroine's conflicts are not only deep and layered, but they bounce directly off one another. And there's a surprising twist at the end which made me realise that neither character really is who they think they are.

I highly, highly recommend this book!

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  1. Thank you for recommending my book, Romy! I'm so thrilled you enjoyed it.

    And I'll blatantly self promo here - but it's part of the Riva re-launch in October, so it will be out with a new cover soon! It's also out in the US in October and Australia in November.

    Sorry it caused you a crisis of confidence - although from reading your books I don't think you have anything to worry about :) Writing the book caused me many crises of confidence, my revisions were epic! But I'm so happy with the final result, and as I said - thrilled you enjoyed it :)