Monday, September 10, 2012

Looking for help with an important research question

Does anyone know whether celebrities  (or the fabulously wealthy and beautiful) need to stand in line for visas like the rest of us mere mortals?

I know from personal experience that when a celebrity arrives at customs / immigration at an airport, an immigration official can be booked to attend them personally and in privacy so they don't have to queue, but what about all the other officialdom the rest of us have to suffer through?
I'm thinking particularly about visa applications, passport applications, drivers' licenses - the sort of things that governments usually want us to show up for in person rather than sending some flunky.

PS: I'm looking for a flunky. Anyone know how to go about getting one?
PPS: I'm on a limited budget, so no time wasters need apply.


  1. One of my closest friends is an immigration attorney and she helped me with a plot point like this before, also for an extremely wealthy hero whom I wanted to need a visa in order to do business in the States. Essentially I was told someone of this wealth would not even need a visa like the rest of us regular really blew my plot up in my face as it took a lot for me to figure out how a person of this background could ever be required to need a visa. I found a loophole in the end... I will dig up her email and report back. It was a while back and I am fuzzy on details, but I know there is special treatment.

  2. That's incredible, Olivia! Thanks, I'd love any further information.