Monday, October 8, 2012

Sunshine Award

Author Rosemary Gemmell has nominated me for this delightfully-named award. Thanks, Rosemary!

1. What is your favourite Christmas/festive movie?
Though I love the season, I'm not big into Christmas movies (I find them schmaltzy) but the first 3D movie I ever took my daughter to was the fairly recent Arthur Christmas and it was so much fun experiencing it with her.

2. What is your favourite flower?
The iris. I love the delicate three-fold patterns and its history as a royal emblem.

3. What is your favourite non-alcoholic beverage?
Elderflower cordial! It's such a refreshing, summery drink.

4. What is your passion?
Romance novels, of course! Reading and writing them.

5. What is your favourite time of year?
Without a doubt, summer. I don't handle cold very well, and I adore the longer days, sunshine and warmth of summer. (Which is why this award is really special to me!)

6. What is your favourite time of day?
I've always loved late afternoon. That time when the sun is just going down, but it's still light. In my childhood, it was the time my parents were home from work and the family all sat together on the verandah drinking coffee and eating biscuits. Though these days I prefer to think of it as cocktail hour.

7. What is your favourite physical activity?
None - I'm not find of exercise. Though I have taken up yoga and I'll admit it's not bad.

8. What is your favourite vacation?
As long as it's warm and sunny, and away from the stresses of the day job, I'm happy. Throw in a reasonable internet connection, and I'm even happier. My favourite so far was probably the Greek Islands.

I'm passing this award on to the following bloggers: Olivia Miles (I love your posts!), Scarlet Wilson, fellow Rosalites Zee Monodee, April Vine, Kathy Bosman and Joss Wood, and all my fellow Minxes.

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  1. Aw, thanks so much for thinking of me, Romy! I love your answers... I am not fond of exercise either! Hahaha!!!