Friday, May 31, 2013

An epiphany... that's just not me, but how cool is that?

I grew up in love with movies. I dreamed myself into more movies and TV shows than you can imagine. I loved movies so much that I wanted to make them. So I went off to film school and then started working in the movie business.

Maybe it's because I shifted from making real films to advertising that (finally!) helped me realise today's epiphany. There are people who believe in the art of advertising and who have dedicated their lives to crafting great TV ads, but from where I sit it's just the pretty face of selling stuff. There are people who love the process of making movies, the technical and creative challenges. Thank heavens for all those people - but I've finally realised that's not me.

It's taken me close to 20 years (okay, maybe not that long, but some days it feels longer!) to realise that I didn't really want to make movies, and that what I loved about them was stories.

I wanted to be involved in making stories and I finally am. Now I get to write stories that others can imagine themselves in. And I get to write the stories that I imagine myself in!
At long last I can watch a TV show, fantasise that I know the fictional characters ... and then write down those stories that I dream up. And I get to call it work! How cool is that?

Thank you Universe for helping me (finally!) discover a career as a writer, and thank you for letting me do what I love.

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