Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Endless Possibilities

It's play time! Today we're playing Endless Possibilities. Guess where in the world this is and who lives behind these doors.

There are no prizes, just the fun of letting your imagination run free. Leave a comment below to tell me your story behind this picture.

From www.pinterest.com


  1. If I could write a book for every idea your door pics have inspired, I would be doing quite well. Here goes: Nina lives below a mysterious reclusive man who moved in two years ago. She peeps through a gap in her lace kitchen window every time he walks down the stairs to see what he's wearing and sometimes what he's carrying. Lately, he often carries cardboard boxes with holes in them. Does he keep reptiles? After several weeks, she's unable to curb her curiosity any longer and comes out just as he reaches the end of the stairs. In surprise, he drops the box but the flaps remain intact. He appears angry with her and says that whatever was in there would be broken. She offers to pay for it. He dismisses it but requests for an evening out instead. She accepts because of her curiosity.

    Silly, really, but there's my inspiration for the week.

  2. Thanks for playing, Kathy! Now I'm dying to know what's inside the box...

  3. Me too! If I develop this, I will have to come up with something good.