Monday, January 27, 2014

The man in my life has returned to me

After turning traitor on me for the last six months or more, Simba has started sleeping with me again.

Those of you who've read The Trouble with Mojitos will already be acquainted with Simba the cat. He is a large, super soft, stripy feline who belongs to Lee, flatmate to my heroine Kenzie. (But while Simba might belong to Lee, it's Kenzie's bed he likes to sleep on. And he tends to hog the bed, too.)

Which is way more info than you get in the book!

Simba is real. He moved in with us a little over a year ago when his previous family moved away and he needed a new home. That's one of the things with having kids in an international school - people come and go quite often.

I think Simba got a little peeved with me because I stayed up late every night writing instead of cuddling with him. It seems I am now forgiven.

And yes, Real Simba hogs the bed too.