Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Top 10 reasons to become a writer

How have I never heard of Kristen Lamb before?

Thanks to Rachael Johns, I just read the funniest blog post on the Top 10 Reasons to Become a Writer. Some of the blog comments are pretty funny too. Though I think I'll go with #11 - the desire to be rich and famous, and having no other skills than words to achieve it with.

I'm so glad I've discovered Kristen. Not only does she have a wicked sense of humour, but she has some very useful advice for writers on her blog. Kristen is the author of We Are Not Alone: The Writer's Guide to Social Media and Are You There, Blog? It's me, Writer, both published by Who Dares Wins Publishing.

Which brings me back to: how have I never heard of Kristen Lamb before, when I devotedly follow Bob Mayer, self-publishing guru, warrior writer extraordinaire and the power behind Who Dares Wins? I'm off now to correct the mistake, and follow Kristen on Twitter.

And May the Pants be with you.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Another riveting RIVA

Since I've run out of shelf space for my TBR pile, I'm forcing myself to take a little time off writing and catch up on some reading instead.

First up was Nikki Logan's Rapunzel in New York. This made it to the top of the pile for two reasons: I loved her Shipwrecked with Mr Wrong, and the title was just too gorgeous to resist. While Rapunzel was never my favourite fairy tale growing up, it's my daughters' absolute fave. [If you haven't seen Barbie's new twist on the old tale, then you should].

Nikki Logan has put another completely unique spin on the Rapunzel story. This story sucked me in straight away. I loved the characters, and the conflict, though not entirely new, felt fresh. I never once had the feeling "I've read something similar before" (which is becoming Nikki's trademark, I think. No-one would ever call Nikki's books predictable!).

Best of all, the story was jam-packed with emotions - the kind of believable emotions that sweep you along, right up to the final page. And I'll guarantee you'll be smiling when you get to the end.
This book is staying on my keeper shelf.

Monday, August 15, 2011

If I'd known then ...

If I'd known that I was going to be coming home to yet another cold front, I'd have stayed away on holiday!

Last week I took my girls down to Durban, my home town, and the sunshine capital of South Africa. Okay, so there are probably many other places in SA that can prove they deserve that title, but for me it's always sunny in Durban. And did I mention ... it's WARM?

Though the holiday was sandwiched between two very long drives, it was well worth it. We built sand castles on the beach, watched the dolphin and seal shows at the aquarium, lunched at an old train station (now converted into a restaurant) and the girls got to milk cows at a fun farmyard.

And when they collapsed into bed at night, exhausted, I burnt the midnight oil working on Dear Julia, a 1920s novella I was invited to write by The Wild Rose Press' historical department.  So not much of a break for me, but the feeling of triumph and accomplishment I felt as I hit send last night (mere hours before the deadline!) was incredible.