Monday, September 3, 2012

How to succeed

The inimitable Bob Mayer has started a blog series on Special Ops (the elite military units of the US).
In his Warrior Writer course (which I highly recommend to anyone in need of a swift kick up the derriere to get writing) Bob teaches the principles he learned in Special Ops to help writers to achieve change in their lives in order to become 'the elite'.

In this blog post, he talks about what it means to be 'elite', and in the successful 5% of the population. This bit especially resonated with me:

"One of the most difficult aspects of living a successful life and being elite is that often you must go against the norm and the mass of other people’s opinions about the way you should live.  There is a strong power in society trying to pull you into the ninety-five percent of people who live in fear and with mediocrity."

For me, not getting sucked into the modern urban mind-set of "must have new car, must have trendy clothes, must have big house, must put work first" syndrome has been hard. But I've done it.
I'm now in the 5% that sets my own values. In no particular order - time for my family, time to write and be with other writers, and the chance to travel.

That was Stage One. Stage Two is turning breaking the mould into being a success. Into being part of that 5% elite that actually fulfills their dreams.

Who is going to be brave and take the risk to join me there? Are you breaking away from the other 95% in order to follow your dreams? If so, please leave a comment and let me know so we can hold metaphorical hands and be brave together.