Friday, December 8, 2017

Release day for 'Recluse Millionaire, Reluctant Bride'

Since I live way down at the bottom end of Africa, most of my fellow Harper Impulse authors are only online friends. As a result, the very few I've actually met in person are very, very special to me. Sun Chara is one of those special people.

Sun and I met in San Diego at the RWA conference in 2016. My first impression was that she's tiny. My second impression was that what she might lack in height, she more than makes up for in heart. She is one of the warmest, most generous people I've met, and I am honored today to share the news of her latest release.

Recluse Millionaire, Reluctant Bride is another in her global millionaire’s series, and it releases today. Read on for an excerpt.

To find out more about Sun and her books here on her Amazon page, or you can follow her on Facebook or Twitter.
Is his reluctant bride a business risk or a personal necessity?

Stan Rogers, recluse millionaire, must negotiate a risky deal with Stella Ryan, the exotic beauty from his past, to gain custody of his son. But how can he close the deal with her, the one and only woman who flips his switches and pegs him as the enemy?

Martial artist Stella knows she should steer clear of Stan, the man who had shattered her heart and could still destroy her. Four years have passed since their hostile business deal, and now, the American financier is proposing holy matrimony…but she’s the reluctant bride wondering, what’s he up to?

"What’re you doing here?" She leaped up and swayed at the sudden movement. Calm as you please, he lounged on the sofa, watching her beneath his bushy brows. Feeling at a distinct disadvantage, she swept up the pillow and blanket from the floor, and hugged them to her bosom.
Stan had the urge to snake his arm out and haul her into his arms, burying his face in her hair, sliding his hands beneath her disheveled jogging suit…sweat and all. He didn’t care. Her warmth and her scent with a hint of the Ivory soap she’d used during her shower, lassoed him. His gut jerked, or was that his heart?
Her eyes a deep sapphire from slumber, mesmerized. He wanted to nuzzle her nape, taste… abruptly, he checked the motion. Utter foolishness.
Hadn’t he learned his lesson in college when he got hitched on a dare? She’d taken him for a ride…every penny he had…and still after his scalp…and his son. Then, he’d been young, proud, reckless. Now, older and he hoped wiser— What the heck are you doing with this woman here? He shrugged the irksome thought aside.
If he wanted a woman, he could get one at the snap of his fingers. They were easy to come by when one was endowed with wealth. He wondered if they wanted him or his loot—if they’d even glance his way if he pumped gas at the local garage. He curled his lip in a silent snarl, and thinking it was directed at her, Stella took a step away from him.
Blood pulsed through his veins and pooled in his groin. He bit down an expletive. He didn't want a woman, not now. And certainly, not this one. Too stubborn, too shrewd, too outspoken, too beautiful...he sucked in a breath and let it blast out between his teeth.
“Is it time to go?” she asked.
Let her go? Never again.
“A change of plans,” he said, not quite meeting her eyes.
"Oh?" Stella moistened her lips with the tip of her tongue.
Sexual awareness flared. Stan tightened his jaw.
"You won’t be leaving today, after all.” At her outraged expression, he was quick to add, “A problem with the truck.” Under the circumstances, he had trouble believing the lame excuse himself. Just happened to be true s’all. Whether she believed him or not was her problem. Yeah, right.
"How convenient."
"Actually, it's not," he muttered. "The group wanted to get to town and stock supplies before first snow.”
He ignored her query. "Fred was going to check on the limo and halfway there, the Hummer broke down. He had to hike back.”
“Poor him.”
He didn’t even blink at her sarcastic rejoinder. “The outing will be postponed until tomorrow, together with your return.” A pause and, “Poor you?”
“Go to he—”
“I’ve already been,” he ground out. “Don’t recommend it.”
About to shoot back, she thought better of it. Stoking the already volatile situation wouldn’t get her out of there. And that’s what she wanted. Definitely.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Double page magazine spread

I'm currently featured in a double page spread in the October edition of South African magazine Your Family (on sale now). I am so honoured to have been included in this article on local writers, and really pleased how it turned out - it's the first time an article has correctly quoted me all the way through!

If you'd like to read the full article in a more legible version, the magazine can be purchased digitally here.