Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Down with pink!

I cheered when I read this article from The Independent last night.

I remember the days of non-gender-specific products, when my brother and I shared the same toys and books. Sometimes even the same clothes. Lego didn't come as pink for girls and dinosaurs for boys. It came in blocks of all colours and we had to make up our own shit.

I have treasured memories of having James and the Giant Peach and The Faraway Tree and Susan Cooper's The Dark is Rising series read to us, and we did it as a family, not as "mom reads princesses to little girl, and knights and dragons to little boy".

My brother got a doctorate from Oxford and I get paid to make up stories, so I think we did just fine without my parents having to buy two sets of everything.

And as much as I love princesses and pink and fairy tales, even I'd get a little ill if my world was monochrome pink the way it is for many girls these days. I'm currently reading the first Harry Potter book to my two little girls and they're loving it far more than any other book I've ever read them!

So I hope the Independent's step is the first of many.

I'd rather do laundry than play Stormtroopers - said no kid ever! [Image courtesy of http://aggiesprite.wordpress.com]