Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Competition: Join the Written Fireside

Would you like to write the opening paragraph of a published book? Or would you like to see what 14 different authors do with the same opening paragraph?

This is the challenge set by Harper Impulse as part of the Written Fireside blog challenge. Usually, the Written Fireside stories are round robin stories, written by different authors.

This time, we're doing something a little different: you get the chance to write the opening paragraph. Submit your suggested opening in the comments on this blog post on the Harper Impulse Romance website.

The editors at Harper Impulse will select the winning paragraph, and the 14 HI authors will each write short stories starting with that same paragraph. You'll get to see the stories as part of an August blog hop, then all the stories will be published as part of a special Christmas edition - and you will get the credit for writing the opening!

You have until 15th July to enter.