Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Behind the Scenes of 'Not a Fairy Tale' - A bit of the author in every book

Over the next few weeks, as I attempt to subdue the anxious flutter in my stomach every time I think of attending the RWA conference and the RITA® Awards ceremony in San Diego in July, I'll be sharing some of the Behind the Scenes information of my Rita-nominated book, Not a Fairy Tale.

A bit of me in every book

As most romance readers will appreciate, romance novels are flights of fantasy. It's unlikely that the average romance novelist has flown in a private jet, been wooed by a billionaire (or a stuntman) or vacationed in the tropics. We can't usually afford Elie Saab designer wear or Louboutin heels.

But even so, we do sneak in bits of ourselves into our books.

In Not a Fairy Tale, the hero's golden labrador Sandy is based on my first pet, a calm and lovable labrador who used to love rolling in sand - especially immediately after she'd been bathed!

Actress Nina Alexander sleeps in very prosaic and unsexy sleepwear - pyjama shorts and a grey t-shirt with the words 'In your dreams' blazoned across the chest. That t-shirt is mine, though I don't fill it nearly as well as Nina does.

Finally, like Nina I love country music.