Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I've been researching the region in which I've set the fictional principality for my next novel, The Prince's Secret Mistress, and got carried away putting together a fictional geography and history. This research lark is so much fun!

But as I've started to get to know the characters better, the Prince's two younger brothers have now started demanding books of their own. I think the only way to shut them up might be to put their stories down in synopsis form and hope they leave me alone long enough to get Phoenix and Max's story out of the way before Nano.

Being men, they're not that good at sharing information and I'm having a little difficulty discovering the name of their principality. I'm going to need some help, so I'll be dropping bits of intel here over the coming months and hopefully one of you loyal blog followers will be able to help me find the missing clue.


  1. Oh yay! Don't you just love the 'feel' of a new story? Is this one for the romance line or a different one?

    Sounds intriguing, by the way.

  2. Good plan re doing a synopsis for new ideas. Definitely the best way to stop pesky new stories from bothering you while you're writing something else.

  3. Oh I love it when the brothers demand a book. In fact if there ever brothers in a story I'm always disappointed if they don't turn out to have their own connecting books :)