Monday, March 30, 2009

Another week, another laptop

There are so many interesting things I could blog about. The fact that I attended my 20th year high school reunion on the week-end. Or that after 3-4 weeks of not writing, my characters have become strangers and I'm struggling to remember their names let alone feeling able to write their story. Or that even though my youngest has been saying the word "Mommy" for nearly three weeks, it still makes my heart skip every time she says it.

I could blog about all these things.

But really all I want to do is have another whinge about how technology has failed me yet again. The powers-that-be at work decided to take away the Mac I had last week and replace it with another Acer laptop. My fourth laptop in as many weeks. This one is second-hand too, but seemingly in good working order. And it feels a lot more familiar than the Mac, so I work quicker on it. And it's a Ferrari model, which really should make me happy.

But I'm very far from happy.

I've just discovered that the archiving the previous IT whizz did on my email program actually didn't work. I've been merrily looking forward to recovering the last 6 years of data, only to discover that it is unrecoverable. And now I've even lost last week's emails, so for the third time I'm starting with a blank slate. Which is not as pleasant as it sounds. I'm just beginning to realise how much of my life, both work and personal, is conducted via email.

So right now I am feeling completely unmotivated to do anything except surf the net. I'm going to catch up on reading everyone else's blogs and hope no-one out there mentions the word 'computer'.


  1. I hear ya Romy! My old laptop has been fixed by lovely computer guy (supposedly) while I await new hot pink one. But the old one really is SHITE and is doing all sorts of strange things. It's making me feel very uncomfortable.

    Hugs on the writing too.. it's hard when you have kids and jobs that have to be done too... I find rereading what I've written from the beginning often helps me get back into it!

  2. Argh, what a pain, Romy. Computer (oops, I said it) suck!!

    Good advice from Rach re the writing. It is hard when you've had a long break. And actually, sometimes just re-reading it can get you all excited about it again.

    How lovely re your daughter. Mine has just started saying, "Mummy, I miss you. Did you miss me?" when she gets home from creche. Sniff.

  3. Chocolate. Lots of chocolate. I can't believe the time you're having with technology (good word choice huh? Nothing starting with "c")one "box" crashing is enough to send me screaming but three! They just don't make them like they use to. I hope Mr. IT genius refunded money I say get the whole family to sit on him until he recovers it.