Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Checking in

The bad news is ... a cold front has descended on Cape Town and it was seriously cold on set today (out in the open air in a park).

The good news is ... I don't have time to pine for my girls as I'm too busy to think. After a couple of 15 hour working days I'm so tired I fall into bed. At least I don't lie awake missing them.

The tragic news is ... my laptop hard drive crashed on the weekend. I'm working on a borrowed machine at the moment but everything takes twice as long, as I'm not used to how this one works and keep hitting all the wrong buttons. No idea what I'm going to do for a replacement when I get home to Johannesburg, but I guess I'll leave that to the big boss to decide. The company can either buy me a new one, or save a few pennies and pay me to sit and stare at the walls all day.

The really awesome news is ... my baby is actually talking to me on the phone. It's not intelligible talk, but she responds when I call to say goodnight. And her older sister is getting almost chatty on the phone - though she still has a tendency to nod in answer to my questions.


  1. Ah, isn't that cute when they do that? My three year old can say hello and then, immediately afterwards, she says goodbye. No awkward silences for her!

  2. I have a 3 year old too, Jackie, he often rings my parents to say 'hi' then tells them goodbye and he wants to speak to the other one! No conversational skills at all.

    Or he does as Romy's daughter does and 'talks with his hands' to explain things! Half the time I'm sure they put the phone down from him not having a clue what he's just said.

    I'm glad you are so tired you go to sleep straight away, Romy, you all sound as though you are coping well. Your girls will be looking forward to a huge hug when their mummy comes home I'm sure.

  3. Why is it that your computers aways kick the bucket at the worst possible moment? How did we ever work with machines that were as slow as that right?