Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Computer News

The powers-that-be at my day job have decided that I'm not worth a new computer, so I've been given a seond hand Macbook to use. Having never used a Mac before, my productivity has dropped dramatically.

As this is entirely a work computer, I've decided to keep it at the office and not to use it for my personal stuff, so my word counts are also going to drop until I can afford a new computer of my own. And the new one is going to stay my own. No more being carted to and from the office every day. No more being lugged onto film sets to get scratched and bumped and jolted around and powered by dodgy generators. And it's going to be hot pink.
(Rachael - thanks for the idea!)

At least I'm back in business and in touch with the outside world. The writing will follow soon enough because I firmly believe that where there's a will, there's a way.

Happy writing to all of you out there and may your technology never fail you.


  1. That's a shame Romy, fingers crossed for that competition prize then :-)

    As for Macs I love them! I'd never go back to PCs and really like my little Macbook...

  2. Oooh hot pink! I love that idea. Only I think my daughter would be stealing any hot pink lap top I bought and giving me her clapped out one.

    Hope you win the competition or can save quick, then you can post pictures. :-)

  3. I'm a PC girl, sadly. I've seen a friend's Mac and was pretty impressed with the programs - you can do all kinds of really neat stuff. But I also play computer games and Macs miss out there...

    Hold out for the hot pink, Romy!

  4. I also love the idea of a pink laptop! Or red! Acer has a lovely Ferrari red one with the Ferrari logo - unfortunately they also have the pricing to match the image! Boo!