Thursday, April 16, 2009

Falling in love again

I really should be concentrating on the current novel. The one that is so close and yet so far. And yet I can't stop thinking about a new heroine I really want to write. I'm falling in love with the idea of a 'rock chick' heroine - a tough, kick-ass modern woman who needs nothing or no-one - or so she thinks.

She doesn't quite fit any of the stories I've been toying with writing next, which means I might need to come up with a completely new story just for her. Is this just another excuse to procrastinate rather than write?
Probably, but it sure is fun!

Meanwhile, the WIP is suffering from the Seven Year Itch. Does anyone have any bright ideas on how to recapture the romance for a story that's nearing its end?


  1. You sound like me. I'm always having a great new idea right when I'm bogged down in the current WIP. She sounds like a great heroine by the way...

    As to recapturing the romance, I know what you mean. I'm at that point right now. The thing I do is read the whole thing again, right from the start. That usually gets me enthusiastic about it again. Those poor characters need their HEA! :-)

  2. Good luck with that (and please let me in on the secret when you find it).

    Jackie's right, your new heroine sounds great.